How to Change Password in Outlook Within Few Minutes

Change Password in Outlook: Outlook is just the alternative to Gmail, and it is the second most popular email service provider today. When you first sign up your Outlook account you will need to enter your details like username and password of your email so that outlook can easily recover your details from your email. But the rule of Outlook is totally different where if you change the password of your email then you will also change the password of your Outlook account.

But changing password of Outlook seems to be difficult, so with this guide on how to change passwrod in outlook? I have come here to make your work easier in changing the password of your Outlook account.

How to Change Password in Outlook Within Few Minutes


Guide to Change Password in Outlook:

You can change your Outlook account password till you remember your original password and changing password of your Outlook account is really important to keep your account safe from hackers. Yes, now you can change your Outlook profile password by changing your Microsoft accont password also. But today lets see the different and simple ways to change password in Outlook account.

Here is the step by step guide for changing your password of your Outlook account within some few minutes. But here below I will be giving you three different methods of changing passwords out of which you can adopt any one out of it.

#Method 1:

1. Click on the “File” button of the menu bar in the Outlook page. Here you will find many options

2. Now tap on the “Account Settings” button which is present in the front option.

3. Again tap on the “Account settings” button

4. Now click on the account for which you want to change the password.

5. Click on the “change” button and type your new password clearing your old password.

6. Finally tap on the “Ok” button after you  finish  setting your new Outlook password.

This is all the six simple steps to change your Password of your Outlook account, but note that if you are having Microsoft Outlook 2003 software version you will not be able to follow this steps for changing your password. Not to worry there are two more steps for you, which you can use for changing Outlook password successfully.

#Method 2: 

1. Click on the “Tool” button of your Outlook window which is present in the menubar that is on top of the screen.

2. You will get a lis of menu after tapping on the “Tool” button. So now click on the “Account settings” option  which will open you a new window of Account settings.

3. Tap on the “Data Files” button from the menubar of your Account settings window. This will display you all the data files of Outlook.

4. Now tap on the “Settings” button under data files. This will againg take you to the another window of your data file of outlook.

5. Tap on the “Change Password” button.

6. Now type your old password, type your new password and verify your new password. Note this shall be typed in their desired box.

7. Click on the “Ok” button after you finish all the steps. Hence, you have finally changed your password.


This method two if flexible with any software version of Microsoft Outlook which means you can also do this in your Outlook of 2003.

#Method 3:

For following this steps you will need to have internet connection in your device because you will need to visit to the account reset website of Outlook. Lets look upon the steps below

1. First of all go to the account reset site of Outlook that is “

2. After you go to this page you will directly go the a window where you will find three points i.e. “I forgot my password“, “I know my password but can’t sign in” & “I think someone else is using my microsoft account“. Select “I forgot my password” option and click on the “Next” button to continue with the further procedure.


3. Now enter your Outlook email in the “mail or Phone” box and complete th Captcha. Click on the “Next button when done.


4. Now you will be asked to select one option to verify you. If you are having your email or phone connected with your Outlook account then you can choose the “text*******27” option. But if you are not having any then you can choose the “I don’t have any of these” option where you will need to fill up a small questionnaire instead of getting a OTP in your phone or secondary email.


5.  After you select on the “text*****27” option you will have to give your OTP code and click on the “Next” button, this will take you to more further procedure.

6. Enter your new password now in the given box which should be of atleast 8 characters. Reenter your new password correctly and click on the “Next” button.

Finally you have got your new Outlook passord now without no problem.

The above three methods are all effective to change your Outlook password. The first method is applicable to the latest version software of Microsoft Outlook but if you are using the 2003 version you will not get the options to change password in the “File” option, but you can do it teh other way through “Tool” option. But the other two methods can be done in any software version of Microsoft Outlook.


The above three methods are different effective ways to change password in Outlook. You can follow any of the steps according to you and get you passwod chaged within a minute. While giving your new password I would like to say that you must not give some easy password which can be easily hacked or known by other, you must give those combination like your phone number, your lucky name or you can even give your birthdate. But I would like to insist you to give password which not only contain alphabets but also have some numerical figures.

I hope you are now clear in setting your new password to your Outlook account and you may also know the way to set strong password for your Outlook account. If you are having any queries on the steps or methods listed above, do share with us in comment section.

Forgot Outlook Password – How to Recover?

Forgot Outlook Password: Outlook is one of the Email service of Microsoft Corporation created for providing the Email service. Most of the windows user have their Microsoft account, which in turn can use for the too.While Outlook can also be created using other Email service company such as- Gmail, Yahoo mail etc. but here you must create a specific password for Outlook. The password is very important for any account you create in the Email service, so in case if you have forgotten the password then yu will be in trouble.

When you got no more chance for you to remember the forgotten password then here we have brought you some of the easy steps from which you can easily grab the old password. The best option left to recover the forgotten Outlook password is going to the official Microsoft site for recovery of password. While you are proceeding to recover the old message, you have to follow some of the important steps which will guide you to get the password.

Forgot Outlook Password – How to Recover?


Steps to Recover Forgot Outlook Password


Step #1: Click on Can’t Access your Account: Go to get the old password, go to the official website of Outlook account and click on the sign in. Now from the sign in, since you have forgotten the password you must click on the “Can’t access your Account”

Step #2: Click on Forgot my Password- Now since you can’t access your outlook account, you must try for recovering it. And after the above step, you will be redirected to the official website of Microsoft account. Click on “I forgot my password” to proceed.

Step #3: Enter your Email ID- after you click on the forgot password now, you must provide your valid Email ID that you have used during the creation of your OutLook account. And after that enter the captcha and hit on the Next button.

Step #4: Phone number recovery- This is the next step where you will get an option for receiving the Code via SMS in you phone number. So if you still have the provided phone number which you used during the creation of your outlook account. And then, after you have received the message now you can add the code and proceed to recover your forgotten Outlook password. Beside text message you can also go for the call in the provided number, which you will receive the calls and speak you the code number. There is also another option that is the Email recovery. This is the Email ID which you provide during the creation of your Outlook account for making contact whenever you lost the password.


Once you have entered the code, you will be redirected to the section where you can reset the password. Create the new password now and click next to finish the step.

If you Do not have the Old Phone number- But if you don’t use the phone number that you provide, will be useless for proceeding with this step. And now follow the nest step below.

Step #5: Recover With Email- This is the last and final steps for you to get the old password that forgets. Here you will be asked for the last email address that you provide while creating the Outlook account. So now if you remembered that whose Email ID you have used, then the problem is solved. You will get the Code into the email address to which you once provide for contact. And thus with the code you have received in the other Email Address will help you get the old Password.


If you also forget which Email you added- While now another problem will arise when you forget the email ID, but Outlook have another solution for such case. The solution is, to provide the user for creating new Outlook account. By creating the new outlook account you can easily recover the forgotten Password.

How to use the Code to recover the Outlook password

There is a certain step for recovering the old Outlook password. And most important is to enter the recovery code into the process for recovering the old password. And the process to use the code is as followed-

  1. Use the Text message or call, during the recovery step for your password. Here as you have registered with a phone number, to recover the password you will receive a text message or a call that will provide you code.
  2. You can also use the Email ID mode from which you can receive the code that will help you recovering the forgot outlook password. The Email address is that address which you have added while creating the outlook account.

Other source or methods for recovering the forgot Outlook Password

There is an official app for Microsoft account app for Outlook Email, as you can download the app and use your phone too. Now this can be the another source for you to recover the Old outlook password. So if you have downloaded the Microsoft Account app, you will be able to generate a unique code that is going to verify your identity i.e are you an Outlook account holder or not.

And in this manner, with the code, you can recreate the new password and use them too for future with the Outlook account. This app must be pre-set with your valid details as only if you answer exactly what you set before, then the app is going to respond you and provide you the code.

Precautions that will help to recover forgot Outlook password

Forgetting the password of any Email service is a very common act. Since you use your personal laptop that will automatically save the password and later opens normally after as you enter the site. So your habit of not logging in simultaneously will ultimately make you forget the password.

And here we have some of the great deal, by which you can prevent forgot the password and also precaution that will help you recover old passwords.

  1. Always use the valid phone number which you use for a long time.
  2. Always change the password on a regular basis with concerned to certain intervals
  3. Set an easy password that would be easy to remember
  4. Use a notebook or diary to note down all the password, so that if next time you forget the password, you can recollect them easily.
  5. Change the Email and another source of recovery, that will help you to get instantly to get back the old password and reset the new one.
  6. Always double check on the Email and Password you enter because even a slight spelling mistake can prevent you from getting access to your Outlook Account.

How to Reset outlook password

Once you have successfully logged in, you must ;quickly change the passwords. In fact, you must always change the password once in an interval. This will help you to get the password right and thoroughly memorized. Use the easy but strong password for the new change.

Steps for changing the password. 

  1. As the way how you have to change the password using the Microsoft account, follow the same methods. But this time, the difference is you will enter the correct phone number.
  2. once you enter the number, now you will receive the code, enter the code in the provided field.
  3. Now finally, you can reset the old password and replace with the new one. So choose the password smartly that would able to memorize for a longer period.


So these are some of the important information by which you can get the details and recovery procedure. All the methods are very effective and are discussed based on the Official website and its way for recovering the Password. The precaution is the main supportive factor that will always help you to get the old password back. So follow the precaution and try to maintain in your Outlook account.